Delbar’s generation of women belong in the in-between; neither here nor nor, neither traditional nor modern. From the outside looking in, we catch gli  mpses of communing, of subjects gathering together in attempts to jump free – but they are mere chickens. They are literally and symbolically blocked from learning how to fly, let alone step off and out of their coop.
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   2012    Video installation    In my mid twenties, my concern was about the concept of pregnancy and bringing a child in this world while, in Iranian culture, there is an expression that ‘A woman goes to heaven, when she becomes a mother”. Therefore it is a big step for a woman to be a mother. But at the same time I did believe that one of the most important reasons for having a child is people’s selfishness. They want to be eternal and scape from their loneliness.    This project, which consists of video, installation and photography, is the contradiction between the feeling of bringing a child and the duty behind that.
Vanished in a Day
Never Came Back
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Two of Us